Department of Child Development and Education

Faculty of Contemporary Culture


  • Contemporary Culture and Children
  • Introduction to the Teaching Profession
  • Childcare Workers
  • Basic Japanese
  • Basic Mathematics
  • Foundations of Teachingn
  • Childcare PsychologyⅠ
  • Seminar in Practical Understanding of Children
  • Educational Psychology
  • Educational Administration and Finance
  • Methods of Understanding Children
  • Environmental Education
  • Theory and Methods in Moral Education
  • Teaching Methods and Techniques
  • Child Psychology
  • Special Support Education
  • Curriculum Planning (General)
  • Student Guidance and Counseling
  • Child Development and Educational Counseling
  • Educational Evaluation
  • Childcare PsychologyⅡ
  • Practical Research of Local Educational Administration
  • Children and Human Relationships I/II
  • Principles of Childcare
  • Social Welfare
  • Child HealthⅠa/Ib
  • Child HealthⅡ
  • Childcare (General) I/II
  • Chilren and Language I/II
  • Child and Family Welfare
  • Food and Nutrition for Child
  • Early Childhood Education Curriculum Planning
  • Childcare for Infants
  • Children and Health I/II
  • Counseling Support
  • Social Protection
  • Principles of Family Support
  • Childcare for Disabled Children
  • Children and the Environment I/II
  • Children and Self-Expression I (Music)
  • Children and Self-Expression II (Arts and Crafts)
  • Studies in Social Protection of Children
  • Counseling Support in Childcare
  • Studies in Childcare Practice
  • Music for Infants Practice I/II
  • Music I/II
  • Physical Education I/II
  • Japanese I/II
  • Social Studies I/II
  • Mathematics I/II
  • Science I/II
  • Life Environmental Studies I/II
  • Arts and Crafts I/II
  • Home Economics
  • Science Experiments I/II
  • Introduction to Children's English Education
  • Teaching Materials for Children's English
  • Seminar in Children's English
  • Methods of Teaching Japanese
  • Methods of Teaching Mathematics
  • Methods of Teaching Music
  • Methods of Teaching Social Studies
  • Methods of Teaching Arts and Crafts
  • Methods of Teaching Home-Making
  • Methods of Teaching Science
  • Methods of Teaching Home Economics
  • Methods of Teaching Physical Education
  • Studies in Teaching, Plan A/B/C
  • Nursery Practice Guidance I/II/III
  • Childcare Practice I/II/III
  • Guidance and Teaching Practice
  • Teaching Practice I/II (Elementary School)
  • Teaching Practice III /IV(Kindergarden)
  • Experiential Caregiver Guidance
  • Practical Seminar in the Teaching Profession and Childcare (Kndgtn & Elem. Sch.)
  • School Support Volunteer Work
  • Children and Science
  • Children and Human Rights
  • Children and Calligraphy
  • Children's Society and Bullying
  • Children and the Newspaper Media
  • Research Seminar I/II/III
  • Graduation Thesis

Teaching Staff

OGATA,, Music Education
SUZUKI, Education, Education for Sustainable Development
ISHII,, Educational Psychology
WAKAMOTO,, Arts Education
YAMADA,,Mathematics Education
UENOSONO, Environment Studies Education, Social Studies Education
KANOE, Education, Disaster Prevention Education
Associate Professors
FUKUI,, Childhood and School Education
MORIKAWA, Education, Infant Education, Early childhood education
EBISU, Physiology, Sports Science, Sports Education
SAKAI, Administration, Education System